Tabs in Multiline Strings

For multiline strings, is there a way to use tab spaces for a table-like format?

I’m unable to do the following for the Pokedex exercise (only shows up as normal non-breaking space in printout): …

      Pokedex Number: [tab here] \(num), 
      Name: [tab here] \(name), 
      Type: [tab here] \(type), 
      Abilities: [tab here] \(ability). 

Hello! Consider using the \t (tab) character:

//will print: something       somethingelse

Alternatively, since you are using multi-line strings, you can simply use the tab key on your keyboard:

something    somethingelse
#this should print: something    somethingelse

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! I didn’t realize that the /t character could be used in Swift like that.

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