Tables <thead> scope="row" - how is that possible?

I’ve been learning about tables.

It mentions using to identify

It calls out using scope to make it clear if your relates to a of a row or column.

given that HTML for tables works in rows, how can it be possible to ever be able to add a <thead scope="row> ?

It’s kinda like if you had a grid.

  a b c
1 # # # 
2 # # #
3 # # #

1, 2, 3 are row heads

Thanks @anorterra0535077425

To help me understand this, are you able to demonstrate how a"<thead>" can be applied to row heads?

In my mind (using your example) the rows which have the data “1”, “2”, and “3” will appear below the row with data with “a”, “b” and “c”,

Would you need to add "<thead scope=col>" for the first row, and "<thead scope=row>" to the other rows?

A THEAD is a table header, not a column or row header. The entire table is its scope, so there is no scope attribute.

For rows and columns with headings, we use TH with a scope attribute.

<th scope="col">

<th scope="row">