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Hey everyone,

I’m currently doing the tableau walkthrough where they use the ice skating csv, there are no instructions on how to download the file from GitHub and they just say to download, does anyone have like a walkthrough or can help me out?

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I would recommend that you put this in “Course Suggestions”, or submit a report about it in detail. If someone is new to using an app detailed steps certainly help.

Try this:

Go to the csv file on GitHub, then,

  • select “View Raw”
  • copy all that text (the raw contents)
  • “paste special” into a Excel file
  • then, highlight the first col & go to the “Text to columns” option on the Data tab and select “Delimited”, and follow the steps to separate the data into columns.

You can “save as” that Excel file as a csv and upload it to Tableau (or you can upload the Excel file.)

Hi, can you explain how to “paste special” into the excel file and what that does?

It’s in the Edit menu, under “paste”:

After you pasted the data, it’s going to be in one column. Highlight that column, then go to the Data menu and select “Text to Columns”–which will use the commas in the data to separate out the data into columns (csv= comma separated values). Follow those steps and then your data is ready to go. Either save as a CSV or just save the Excel workbook.


Also, for Tableau, if you ever get stuck they have “how to” videos under the Resources link on the Public Tableau page. I’ve found them to be really useful. AND, they have a YT channel with help videos. A lot has changed since I started using Tableau (seems they add new functionality all the time) and their how-to videos have helped me.
You can find that here:

There’s a video about connecting to text and excel files too.

Also, please don’t post the same question more than once in the forums.

Thank You so much, its just very confusing for someone who has never used it before

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I’m going through this now…and there are definitely some gaps/missing information in the course where if fixed would improve it.

  • The link for the trees species file is to a wikipedia page (not helpful). The link should go to the Github repo where the csv files are located and then tell learners how to download it (like you initially asked here).

  • The 2015_Street_trees_census csv file is HUGE (236 MB) and whenever I try to save it to Tableau Public, I receive an error that tells me to create a data extract. That info is missing in the lesson and when I follow the error link to the Tableau docs on how to create an extract, it’s not available for the free version, just the desktop version. So, not sure how I will complete this part of the path.

I’ve submitted bug reports/CQRs for these things, in case you haven’t. :beetle:

Thanks, yeah this lesson wasn’t very good and user friendly lol

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