Table in Visual Studio Code

C:\Users\glend\OneDrive\Documents\Codecadey Cheatsheets\Table\index.html

Can someone take a look at this project? I worked on this table for hours and still can’t get it right!

We cannot see content on your local machine. Can you use your workspace to present it to us? Be sure to Share to the Public.

Hi mtf -

Can you please explain what is workspace and where I can find it to present my work?

Thank you!

Check you CC profile for a link to My Home and scroll down until you find the section on Workspaces. Choose a language, and when the workspace opens, paste in your code.

Ok. Thank you. Now I’m trying to figure out how to post my work in workspaces!

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Run it, test it, fix it, then Share and be sure to check the Public option. You can still edit the file and make changes after sharing the URL.

Thank you mtf! I figured out what I was doing wrong!

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