Table data question


Why specify CLASS=“LEFT” and not CLASS=“RIGHT” ?
Is it because there are 2 columns & it will default to the right? What if there were 3 or more???

Hi there!

As you can see in the CSS, each <td> is styled as so:

td {
  border: 2px solid #8c6b48;
  width: 300px;

But the final design calls for the <td> on the left of the table to be only 150px. This naming convention works well because a class of “left” helps students visualize that those <td> will be the ones that appear in the first column—the left column. But also, because the left column needs to be a different width than the right column, only the left <td> needs a class to override the width set to all <td>.

This is why you do not see a class of “right” because it is not needed. Does that make sense?