Tab key for whitespacing


Whenever I use tab key to indent, it does not work. I mean it works but it throws an error. Instead I always manually use spacebar to indent.
I don’t freaking know why. Tab key worked before the release of the new Python lesson but now for the new Python lesson, it does not work anymore.

IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level


Hi @dsoph,

In Codecademy’s current Python environment, two spaces are used, by default, for each level of indentation. If you use the tab key to indent, you’ll likely wind up with a program that mixes tabs and spaces for indentation, While the result may look properly indented, the Python interpreter considers a tab to be different from a series of spaces, and a likely consequence is an IndentationError.


oh is that so? THANKS A LOT ! It just bugs me why tab does not work.