T h e b i r d X i n t r i g h t (for your A!)


xny suggestions!?


Remove the spaces, by checking if it's a letter.


Well thXt mXkes no difference!!


You are printing each seperately, you should append, not print, either X or char to an array, and then return a joined version of the array. It wants you to return the entire thing as a whole.


X screen shot of the code might help me more!!


I'm not going to give you a free answer, you weren't even doing what I suggested.


well thXnks, your lil' burn helped me here!!


is there a way to not type the "char==" every time?

for example using

if char == 'a' or 'A":

instead of

if char == 'a' or char == 'A":


Nup! There ain't any!


This worked for me.

phrase = "A bird in the hand..."

for char in phrase:
if char == "A" or char == "a":
print "X",
print char,



Your code is right. Don't remove that print statement @ last.


But why!? Why that matters!?


It's all about compiler configuration.
Your code is right but not as per requirements given in questions.


Is that it bro! Well thanks for letting me know!