SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list


Hi, I am a beginner in JS. I am getting an error: SyntaxError: missing) after argument list.
Have a look and let me know where have i went wrong. Thanks

// Fill in with >, <, === so that the following print out true:
console.log(“Xiao!== Hui”.length 122);
console.log(“Goody!== Donaldson”.length 8);
console.log(8*2=== 16);


I believe you put the “==” signs in the wrong location… also, if you’ve changed any information you’ll need to press “reset” on the code window.

remember you’re to compare if one thing is EQUAL TO “===”, GREATER THAN " > " or LESS THAN " < ". If you’ve taken basic algebra this will be familiar to you. Otherwise I can go into further detail, just let me know.