Syntax question

Same lesson, syntax question:

console.log(Math.floor(Math.random()*100))) VS console.log(Math.floorMath.random()*100))

The first is not accepted by codecademy, but is it acceptable syntax in Java? It did log a random whole number.


function foo(bar) {
    return bar * 2;
function faz(baz) {
    return baz * 3;

What will the above log out?

Thanks mtf, but I was asking specifically about the use of parentheses preceding a function name. It looks like Java doesn’t mind, but the lesson rejected my initial answer.

If you were, then point it out, I don’t see any of that ilk.

Bear in mind that we cannot see your code. You must post it here (formatted, one would hope). The link serves a valuable purpose, though. We can see our code, and be able to test yours in the lesson interface with that SCT context.

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