Syntax Errors

In Graphing in Python: Matplotlib part 3/12, I was asked to plot revenue vs time with this hint:

If you were asked to plot  `y_values`  vs.  `x_values` , you would use:

plt.plot(x_values, y_values)

Here is the code I in the editor:

import codecademylib
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

time = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]
revenue = [200, 400, 650, 800, 850]
costs = [150, 500, 550, 550, 560]

plt.plot(time, revenue)

It returned a syntax error. I refreshed the page and was given the same message, syntax error. It wouldn’t let me progress to the next stage. My only option was to “view solution” which gives the solution to all 3 steps. My syntax was the same as the solution’s syntax.

My question is: what can I do in a situation like this? I want to progress to the next step, but I don’t want the solutions to all 3 steps. Refreshing the page doesn’t work.

I assume you forgot to put at the last line; Can you ss the instructions because I don’t have access to PRO!