Syntax Error

Does anyone know why I am getting an error on the highlighted below? it says the equal sign is an issue.

/variable unchangeble

const kelvin = 0;

// below converts kelvin to celsius

const celsius = kelvin - 273;

// below converts fah

const fahrenheit = celsius * (9/5) + 32;

//round down fahrenheit

fahrenheit = Math.floor(fahrenheit);

console.log(The temperature is ${fahrenheit} degrees Fahrenheit.);

const newton = celsius *(33/100);

newton = Math.floor(newton);

console.log(The temperature is ${newton} degrees Newton.);

See anything missing?

The backticks have been used as code formatting in the forums in this case…

Keep in mind, quotes use // or /**/.

It also looks like you’re reassigning to variables declared with const:

Sheesh! Eyesight not what it used to be. I already use 1.5 mag and my display is set at 110%. Guess it’s time for the large print. Oh, don’t say that. My wife keeps getting me these large print Sudoku books, which are okay, but I normally don’t print that large. Only solution is a dull HB which I can treat like chalk or charcoal.


Thank you @codeneutrino

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