Syntax Error


This programm will allow you to write any words you like. 
Then it will fill the spaces on available story with your words. 
This way you'll get a funny story.

Author: Artur

print "Mad Libs has started!"

name = raw_input('Enter a name: ')

adj1 = raw_input('Enter an adjective: ')
adj2 = raw_input('Enter one more adjective: ')
adj3 = raw_input('Enter the last adjective: ')

verb1 = raw_input('Enter a verb: ')
verb2 = raw_input('Enter one more verb: ')
verb3 = raw_input('Enter the last verb: ')

noun1 = raw_input('Enter a noun: ')
noun2 = raw_input('Enter a second noun: ')
noun3 = raw_input('Enter one more noun: ')
noun4 = raw_input('Enter the last noun: ')

animal = raw_input('Enter an animal: ')
food = raw_input('Enter a food: ')
fruit = raw_input('Enter a fruit: ') 
number = raw_input('Enter a number: ')
superhero = raw_input('Enter a superhero name: ')
country = raw_input('Enter a country: ')
dessert = raw_input('Enter a dessert: ')
year = raw_input('Enter a year: ')

#The template for the story
STORY = "This morning I woke up and felt %s because %s was going to finally %s over the big %s %s. On the other side of the %s were many %ss protesting to keep %s in stores. The crowd began to %s to the rythym of the %s, which made all of the %ss very %s. %s tried to %s into the sewers and found %s rats. Needing help, %s quickly called %s. %s appeared and saved %s by flying to %s and dropping %s into a puddle of %s. %s then fell asleep and woke up in the year %s, in a world where %ss ruled the world." 

print STORY % (adj1, name, verb1, adj2, noun1, noun2, animal, food, verb2, noun3, fruit, adj3, name, verb3, number, name, superhero, superhero, name, country, name, dessert, name year, noun4)


Can't understand, what's wrong with my syntax. Help, please!


Here you put an extra s in


Have found my error! I missed one comma.


So that also wasn't a problem?


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