Syntax Error on 23 Java script


Hi i am new to coding and am trying to learn JS. Im currently on lesson 23 on the Getting started section (super nooby I know). Whenever i submit
console.log "January" .substring(0,3)
console.log "Melbourne is great" .substring(0,12)
console.log "Hamburgers" .substring(3,9)
it gives me
SyntaxError: Unexpected string


Just remember, when doing console.logs, you're suppose to put parentheses around the text, for it's not a return statement. Also, put a semi colon at the end of you console.log statements.


Guess return was not introduced yet in this course but still correct.


console.log( "January".substring(0,3) );
console.log( "Melbourne is great".substring(0,13) );
console.log( "hamburgers".substring(3,10) );

compare tis xD