Syntax error in 11. Review


I keep getting an error message and not sure why. The error message is: SyntaxError: Unexpected token }

for(var i = 10; i <= 100; i=+10) {

var condition = true;
while(condition) {
    condition = false;
var b = false;
do {
    console.log("You are the best");

    } while (b);


I don't think i =+ 10 would increase the value of i.

Your final curly brace isn't wrapping any code blocks up.


Thank you! The i=+10 wasn't the main issue I was having. It was the curly brace. I would try and remove it but it would then crash. I just added an opening bracket with it and that fixed the issue! Thanks for the help!


Good to see it work out :grin:


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