Syntax error again. v.v Code your own adventure 2! 5.Operators


Can someone tell me whats wrong in this code? o.o Some sort of a syntax error with those... { , } thingys...
var answer = prompt("Have you served as a knight before? yes/no"){
if (answer = "yes"){
return true;
return false;
Altho i found out that I had been doing my exercise wrong... v.v I still want to know what I did wrong. o.o


I suppose you should try indenting your code properly if you found nothing else wrong.


Whats that? o.o Never heard of such word. o.o


like alignment sorta..


Okey thanks. Didnt know "indenting" could give you an error. =.=


No problem.
I encountered quite a few while taking the Html and Css course so i always make sure I get it right.