Synchronizing the Codecademy Go app with my career path

I recently completed the Learn JavaScript beginners course and the Codecademy Go app did an amazing job at complementing the “big screen” lessons ,allowing me to review them while I’m out and about. The content of the review/practice materials was a mix of most recent lessons and content from further back in the course.
Now I started the Full-Stack career path, and expected the app to work the same way, but the career path hasn’t appeared in the app catalog. There’s the web development skill path, but

  1. I dont know if that’s the same as the Full-Stack career path, and
  2. The app content of the Web Dev skill path is not at all synced up with my big screen lesson progress, but it’s all over the place.

I’m pretty sure there’s some crossover w/the Web Dev and FS paths. If you’ve completed lessons in one and they appear in the other course, they are marked as completed. But, perhaps someone with experience in those two can chime in.

As far as I know, what appears on the Go app is randomly based on what course content you’ve completed. It’s not always going to sync to the current content you’re working on though. You can select the “Get Another Pack” option and it will refresh the quiz/practice content in the app.

Well the Go app content for WebDev path has lessons that I haven’t gotten to yet, that’s what I meant by “all over the place”
I was also hoping maybe someone from Codecademy has some helpful information here?

Based on what I’ve read from others who’ve posted a similar question in the forums, it’s random as to what appears in the app.


Is there a way to ping the staff to chime in? Because I’d actually like to get an official answer from Codecademy for this one.

However, I remember reading somewhere when I started using the mobile app that it used the spaced repetition system for choosing your content (and sure enough, it also said “AI” somewhere in there), so not random at all - but for the life of me I can’t find where I read that.

you could always contact CS and open a support ticket. the turnaround time is ~24-48hrs.

maybe it was here in the documentation?

Unfortunately, the Codecademy Go app is no longer actively maintained by Codecademy (and last I heard they don’t have any current plans to pick back up on it).

The Codecademy Go app still has the old “Web Development” career path as it’s web dev course. This no longer exists on the actual version of Codecademy, as it was replaced by the trio of FE/BE/FS Engineer paths. Because of this, your progress isn’t going to nicely sync with the app, as it’s not the same course anymore.

While it’s up to you whether you want to keep using the app, and it may well not hurt to get the bits of practice you can out of it, I personally wouldn’t recommend heavily relying on it as a practice method.

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Thanks for this useful piece of information!
I also e-mailed support about this but wasn’t told that the app isn’t maintained anymore - also it doesn’t say so in the Google Play store. How did you come to know about this?

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I can’t find the “Get another pack” option, where is it?

I’d noticed the courses were out of date a while back and that the update log hadn’t had any entries in a significant while, so reached out to ask - unfortuantely the fact it was no longer being updated was the response I’d received.

Haha, it’s interesting that they would tell you that but not me :smile: Was it customer support that you got that response from, or where did you ask?
I just checked the app page in the Play Store and indeed, the last version (and last review) is from 2020, so you’re apparently right, and I’m a bit bummed out they are officially offering it as a regular part of the Pro subscription when really it’s no longer working properly… :confused:

Well, now I cannot find that option. :woman_facepalming:
But, I swear I saw it the other day. Sorry for any confusion.

I remember seeing it too, it was definitely was there at some point, but maybe they removed it. Like that Spaced Repetition and AI- powered piece of info that I can’t find anymore.

I figured it out. :partying_face:
On the app, after you’ve completed the practice questions and your daily streak has added that day, when you go back into the app you have to option “Get Another Pack”.

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I’d reached out directly to ask :slight_smile:

Agreed, it can’t hurt to pass that onto customer support as feedback at least.

I meant: to whom exactly? Customer Support? Else, I sure would like to have that direct line…
Here is what CS told me:

Yes, the content in the “Web Development Career Path” is meant to supplement the lessons of our Full-Stack Software Engineer Career Path.
Unfortunately, it looks like the name for that Career Path has not been updated in our app. I’ve gone ahead and escalated this issue to our team of engineers - we hope to have a fix out shortly.

Customer support is your best option.
They will have the best guidance & they know who to get information from.

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