Switching to Linux - which distro?

Hi everyone!

I’ve started my journey into programming a few months ago. I’ve been using windows so far, but have repeatedly heard that any programmer should eventually develop into Linux. I have no computer-related background, not command line xperience. But my take on the matter is: why wait; why not start getting used to it already. So that’s what I’ll do.

But which distro should I aim for, as a software developer? Ubuntu / Arch / OpenSUSE? I hear Open is where the pros hang out, but at the same time, from watching youtube videos, it sounds it may be simpler than Arch in some ways, while Ubuntu has a larger community it seems.
So, within the community using Linux, especially if you have experience with more than one distro: why do you use/prefer a specific distro?



I first started with Linux Mint. I liked the system, and I soon switched on over to a Debian type OS and enjoy it very much as my current. I work with the Terminal almost every day, and it’s easy to handle. (me and the terminal get along great :wink: ). I’ve been able to work with this OS easily. It’s fast and lightweight (as many of the OSes are).

I have never used Ubuntu/Arch/OpenSUSE, but have seen it on other forums and hear people talk about them. I suggest doing some research on the different OSes and see which one suits you. Compare: security, how easy it is to use, features, etc.

(Also… Dont worry about how the OS looks, because you can change those things too)

Plus, you could get a virtualbox and try them out there to get a feel for it first before --if you decide-- to dual-boot.

There’s LOTS of experienced people in all the Linux/Ubuntu/etc communities, so if you run into a problem, dont worry, there’s lots of info out there :slight_smile: .

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Linux is great :smile:


Thanks a lot for your feedback Ria!

What made you switch from Mint?


Mint wasnt bad at all; I have it on most of the laptops in my home. I just wanted to try something different with one of my laptops which I now enjoy using. So I got a Kali Linux (I call it debian as it’s mostly like that) (running as safe), to experiment for educational purposes since I learn security for fun. I actually liked it so I use it the most. I wouldn’t suggest doing what I did (getting Kali), as I am a person who takes risks with these things and don’t mind it. I know the consequences if things go wrong and can fix them.

My desktop (the picture got slightly cropped when uploading, sorry)

I never went back to using Windows after using Linux. I dont hate on Windows, but it can be annoying at times…


I think you just have to pick one and go
I think picking one of these fedora/debian/ubuntu and experimenting will help you learn a ton.
You will feel the urge to try another distro right away. Try to resist for a while but inevitably you will try something else.

It’s a fun journey


Note to self: Seems to fit the bill :joy:
I’m usually prone to wonder what’s in next door. So, it would be less critical where I start, as I’d eventualy start playing with another distro as well.
Thanks for the feedback