Switching off "autocomplete" feature

If there a way of switching off what appears to be an “autocomplete” feature in the window where html code is written?

I understand the benefits of it but at this early learning stage I’d like to insert all elements from scratch by myself since it helps me to memorise the formulas.

Also it’s it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand because additional characters are being added automatically and it’s distracting. Most importantly, the “autocomplete” feature can sometimes insist on adding elements in places different to the ones I want them in and it’s a frustrating to keep editing it.

Auto-closing quotes are the worst… I suggest using a local editor, if you don’t know what to use and you’re looking for something without a huge array of menus, have a look at https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Gedit (make sure to go through the preferences before using it)

@ionatan Thanks for your comment - I’m having this problem too - but how can we complete the exercises on Code Academy if we’re using another editor? Is there any way to turn off the “auto complete” in the code academy editor?

+1 Autocomplete is obnoxious, especially since we can’t turn it off.