Switching from Mac to Linux?

Haha, that makes me feel a little better.

I just don’t like it when I accidentally make somebody do research for me that I could have done. :smile:

VMs are great; not just because it means you can tool around in relative safety without trashing your physical computer, but also because with methodologies like DevOps only growing in popularity you gain a lot of time if you can automate not only your application build but also your workspace build.

The resulting idea of “infrastructure as code”, means that we have things like Chef that can build your development environment with all the required libraries, tools, and other supporting software that you need to get off the ground and coding quicker. If / when you screw up and need to trash the environment, and create a new one, automation makes it much quicker. All thanks to VMs, and to some extent I suppose also containers.

Haha, no worries. Seems like Parallels’ “YOU CAN RUN WINDOWS!!” marketing campaigns work, if nothing else. :smiley:


There should be some classes on this here. Probably one of the first things to learn. Workspace is where the magic happens.

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Linux in some way is convenient for using, but I prefer Mac because of its general compatibility with VPN services (I’m currently studying up the one on this site). Moreover, Mac infrastructure is so much easier to comprehend.

You’re right: Mac is really easy! But if it’s not going to give me the power that I need, then I’m willing to do something less than easy. :slight_smile: