Swinging From Branch To Branch



I get "Oops, try again. It looks like you accidentally removed the text-decoration from the link outside the unordered list."

CSS Code:
li a {


CSS looks fine to me. Perhaps refresh or share your html code if error message persists.


The HTML is fine. And I tried refreshing for 30 mins before I came here.


I copied your CSS into my environment and it passed the test. I also tested if zoom was an issue but it's not.
If you didn't do anything to the html then I guess it's best to switch browsers.


Turn out it was a google chrome specifique problem. In firefox it worked.


any idea what the error is? i'm on a chromebook and would hate to switch computers just for this.


CSS itself is case insensitive. But maybe CA checks differently.

try this instead:

    font-family: cursive;


No idea. The only thing I didn't troubleshoot was turning off in stylish my custom CSS style for the codecademy.


It wasn't that. Tried it both ways.


Is your HTML correct? Try to reset it.


It checks for what is expected. There is no font-family, Cursive. It is a generic family to which many fonts belong, hence the default:

font-family: "Comic Sans", "Comic Sans MS", cursive;


I appreciate it. Thanks, anyway.


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