Swift, Lua, Rust?

Are there any plans to add Swift or Rust, maybe even Lua on CC. If some devs could let me know specifically about Swift or Rust that would be great.

Much Love, -Cole Lyons.

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Actually, if you check the course poll lua and swift are on there so codecademy IS considering 2 of those.
Though there is no rust, and btw I did some research on rust and not many great things were created with rust like (not saying the things created with rust are bad, just saying not things like Minecraft :wink: ) compare lua, lua made roblox and other things and swift made a lot of IOS apps like soundcloud IOS and YouTube IOS and other things. PS: im not saying rust is a bad language.

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Firefox, Dropbox, Cloudflare all use rust and are in high demand for rust devs. Rust is much more secure than C.

Swift is awesome IMHO, Java to me is extremely easy to learn to so that’s why I’m interested in swift.

Yeah I forgot about this:https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/2x567m/who_is_using_rust_or_what_projects_that_are/

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