Sustainability and Computer Science

Here’s a quick story for those of you who like to sit by the fire, with a cup of hot cocoa (OK, so this may be the third mention of food, but it’s only because it’s delicious, k?), or even relax by a sunny bay and forget about life, this one’s for you:

I was browsing Youtube and found a lot of DIY videos on my feed, which is where I got my idea for this post. Sustainability in coding. How does it work? I propose this: Sustainability refers to the minimization of resources, and using finite resources at an amount at which they can sustain themselves. How does coding apply to this rule? Coding can be more sustainable by allowing certain devices to control more of what they do, since more technology and electronics are required to meet more of our needs. So, the development of a feature in a technology that can do more would be an example of sustainability. While how many electronics and physically-held technologies are used may come down to the engineering of computers, the language of these computers that enables them to do what they can is what makes them sustainable. There are also many other factors that come into play, such as ergonomics,and fixed shelf- lives that are controlled by the designers of technologies, which is why changing code to be sustainable would be better, since you can’t exactly change the amount of time code is able to exist. Well, those are my thoughts on combining the principals and meaning of sustainability in the environment to coding. Signing off, you know who made this post, do I really have to sign off? But seriously, you know what I love the most about my name? The giga part like it makes me sound edgy, like I named it after the gigabyte. But anyways, these are my thoughts today, let me know what you think!