Susana Pepo Portfolio: Frontend developer | font awesome icons | Hamburger animation | Smooth scrolling

Hi everyone!
I am so excited to have the first implementation of my portfolio. I know there will be tons of improvements coming but I am happy to see it grow and I have put a lot of love to it.
Currently all projects are just place holders and the email section will hopefully work very soon :sparkles:

See it live

Github repo here

Very excited to get feedback and always keep improving :two_hearts:

I found it extremely exciting and pushed me to learn about new topics, brushed up my CSS and find more examples of implementing JS into websites. Some features I was really happy to learn about:
-cool hover effects
-smooth scrolling per section
-hamburger display for mobile nav
-hamburger animation.
-pseudo elements ::after ::before as decoration
-accesible aria-label for buttons and links
-overall organization of naming and structures

cheers and happy coding!


Beautiful portfolio! It’s nicely structured and I appreciate the notes in the HTML, CSS, and JS files it helped me understand what I was looking at. Only issue I noticed is the menu not being able to take the user to the selected option from the navbar starting from the top of the site. However, the navbar works if the user has already started scrolling down. Besides that, I love the styling and aesthetic! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! I hadn’t notice at all but you are super right. I will take a look to it and try to fix it asap. Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you the best on your coding journey :sparkles:

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I think your portfolio is great! I really like your design and also the way your project works! Everything is logical and gives a great impression of you as a specialist.

The only thing I have noticed is that I can only see your footer when I scroll. Otherwise, it is hidden. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be like that or not.

But, anyways, your work is impressive!