Support Group for Data Analysts

Hey there, I am on track to complete CA’s “Data Scientist” course and am loving it so far. I actually just accepted my first analyst role last Friday. It’s a big deal because my background is no college, joined the Army, only have had customer service experience, am only 20 and am now the Ops Analyst for a small team that impacts the company in HUGE ways (handling executive partner accounts and finances, so my company and team literally depend on me to help increase year over year revenue.)

So, any who, I’ve been struggling to find a “support” group where I can talk to other data nerds for help and ideas. Especially one with females, but could care less about that.

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a group of data analysts or similar roles? We could have a group chat and have zoom meetings for fun. Just an idea! I’d love to hear back from more people following this path or already on track!


I would be happy to join the group , i am studying for data science

It would be a great experience. We could share ideas for interesting research projects, future developments in the field of AI.

I would love to be a part of this group!

That’s great and hope you are getting all the help you need