Support for mobile devices

How on Earth, can a site that teaches people how to build mobile supporting websites, not support mobile?

This would be HUGE for my ability to work on the courses as I regularly am somewhere I could whip out my tablet and work, but not somewhere I can pull out my 17" laptop.

PLEASE make your site at least tablet friendly, especially since there is absolutely no excuse not to do so now for at least Android devices who have completely fully featured browsers. There is no technological reason not to support them.

I would be willing to upgrade to Pro to access it too by the way.

The site does not support coding on mobile devices, and most likely (hopefully) never will, because in the real world, software developers would not use mobile devices as their primary device to code on.

It makes sense.

Also, please don’t revive 3 month old topics.

what are you playin at? I know several software developers, and engineers, who thrive on their mobile devices… That is an extremely ignorant and closed minded attitude since as someone who is obviously a little tech literate you should be vividly aware of people having said that smart phone wouldn’t catch on in the business world, using almost the exact same phrasing you used when you were talking about SD’s not using tablets.

Mobile is where everything is going. Gone are the days where programmers and SW engineers have to be trapped behind a desk… There are several articles that have been written including a research paper from North Carolina State University that addresses the changing landscape of software development. In the article they detail how people are using their mobile devices (MD’s) for more and more every day, and programming, and LEARNING to program are making the transition as well.

Stating that software is not developed anywhere but behind a desk sitting at a PC/Mac is incredibly short-sighted and narrow-minded as well as being almost detrimentally oblivious to how customers are wanting to use these services.

Also I will revive whatever topics I see fit, as I am a customer trying to open a discussion about a need, not ridicule someone for posting a valid question and making a valid point.

Let me clarify as well, I am not talking about coding on a phone, or even a 7" tablet. I am talking about coding on large format Android tabs.

I can provide links if you would like.

I said that programmers would not use their mobile devices as their primary devices to program on, I never said that no one codes on them.

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