Supernatural Inheritance WHAT happened to Origin

In the Extensions part of the exercise you have to build an overload to allow for an origin of a spell.

Well, ok…but,
I thought we should also show an origin (if there is one) when using the Announce() method.
But this is skipped. So in this exercise we can create an object with or without an origin, but looking at the walkthrough video it is never explained how to use this extra property when calling Announce().

How can you call Announce() so that it will show an origin if there is one, and show the Announce() when there is no origin?

Can you post a link to the exercise please? And any code you think might be helpful in explaining it?

Link to the exercise:

Would be helpful to show how to use the origin property (if specified) in the return of the Announce() in Storm.cs

Really sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been pretty busy later, but I’ll try to get a conclusive answer to you by tomorrow.