As an absolute beginner I’m lost. There seems to be no help menu or material to instruct you. I could not complete the first task because nothing happened when I clicked the Run button and I didn’t get an error message. Any suggestions for a book I could read to familiarize myself with the basic concepts.

Basic concepts of what?

You say nothing happened, do you have an argument for why it would? If you didn’t say something should happen, then there probably shouldn’t be anything happening (you’re writing instructions. no instructions -> no actions)

The basic concepts of writing code. I’ve went to a few sites and they all have this philosophy of “learning by doing” but if you don’t know what to do it becomes impossible; they all assume some prior knowledge of coding.

I started with the ‘Intro to coding’ and the first thing it asked was to change some text and click run which I did. The new text didn’t show up and I got no error message, so what is wrong?