Hey everyone,

I am new to coding and have taken the free HTML course provided by Codecademy. However, at work I have been given the opportunity to conduct minor edits to our fairly robust (5,000-10,000 SKUs) e-commerce site via Magento integrated with p21. I was wondering which courses you would suggest taking if I would need to have a decent understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am looking into your Pro Intensive “Build Web Sites from Scratch” course but wanted to know if others here may have had any better suggestions. Thanks for your help!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I currently work in Digital Marketing Design and most of my current work comes in the form of Adobe InDesign booklets/creating graphics for our site. A caveat to the fact that I did take the basic HTML course here is that I really enjoyed it and could see myself being immersed in this type of work. That is why I have reached out to ask this question.