Suggestions for supplemental learning for web design?

I feel like I’m completely out of my depth in this java script coarse, and I usually work at things until I feel comfortable that I understand concepts in the lessons but nothing seems like it retains, the second I move on I feel like I can’t retain the old topic and add on to it? I have been hitting the review and practice parts of the site quite a bit, I feel like the phone app ends up being somewhat to easy generally but the desktop review stuff WAY to hard? when I go to the forums I always feel like I get someone who can’t explain things in a way I understand, but refuses to “back down from the challenge” and just confuses me more. Are there like books I should be reading or like other supplemental practice spaces I should know about? because I’ve hit a brick wall.

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Hey @ethan.miller9, thanks for sharing about your experience here. I believe others may chime in with resources that you requested, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in: it sounds like you’ve been working at this pretty hard, and that (I know this is counterintuitive) you may just need a little break. I’ve worked alongside learners here at Codecademy and seen so many struggle, and often what gets them through is a day or two away from the keyboard. I hope this is helpful, even a little.