Suggestions for courses?

My suggestions for courses to add 2017 to Codecademy:

  • Blockchain Coding technology
  • ES6
  • GoLang
  • Vue.js
  • Wordpress(as a continuation of php course) with plugins, theme customization etc…
  • Laravel (as a continuation of php course)
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I’m pretty sure that the PHP course is being removed and not coming back because it’s really broken.

  • Typescript
  • Angular 4+
  • vue.js

Since they’ve already got SQL, I’d like to see a couple more query/cache/database related courses. I use Redis, Memcache, and Lucene on the daily at my current place of employment in the software industry, just as an example.

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why is the PHP course broken?? that sounds sad :worried:

It’s not anymore, because it’s been removed.