SuggestionBox project - login system

Hey all.

As part of the final project of the angular course, it is suggested that you continue with further features for the SuggestionBox app you have developed. In this regard, a login system is suggested so that only people who are logged in, can comment on suggestions.

My question is, how do I approach this? I have done some research on google, and I honestly find the register/login authentication examples a bit too complex for me at the moment. So have any of you implemented a login system for the final project of the angularjs course?


Soerenp, In order to achieve login functionality and persistence to your application you would need some server side functionality with access to database (CRUD) operations. You will need to implement a stack as Angular is a front end technology. You might like to look at meteor which is a framework which can be used with angular and mongodb (database) - and will minify and compile all your code for you. (also check out meteorkitchen which is a web gui which will help you to template your project) other frameworks such as yeoman offer a full stack but are in my opinion a little more difficult to grapple with. - hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your inputs. I have looked at yeoman as well, but at current time it is a bit too complex for my understanding. I will give meteor a look along with mongodb. :slight_smile:

Cheers mate

if you use firebase to store your data you can use their methods for user authentication, which includes google, facebook, twitter, etc.