[Suggestion] Unique URLs for each exercise

A lot of time, people new to the forum will just post a link to the exercise they’re on and ask for help. That requires people who would help them to ask them to post their code, make sure it’s formatted so it shows up properly, etc…
If every user had their own unique URL for each exercise that they can generate by clicking a button, it would be great. It might will result in users who have already completed the section writing the code for other learners, but:

  1. That already happens
  2. It would be so helpful that the amount of time and (sometimes) frustration saved could very well make it worth it.

Another thing is that, with the Learn Rails course for example, the problem could be in one of like 20 files some of the time. Asking someone to post the code in every single file they’ve modified is highly inconvenient for everyone. With something like http://www.codecademy.com/practice/course/[username]/[unique slug]/the/exercise/you’re/on, it would be much easier to go through someone else’s code and find the problem.


  • Yes, I want this
  • No, I don’t want this
  • Whatever, I don’t care

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