[Suggestion] Show new users how to format code - Implemented

Continuing from here, since I think this is where we’re supposed to make suggestions for the forums.

I think that if Codecademy were to pop up a little notification thingy the first one or two times someone makes a post, showing the </> button in the formatting bar and how to use backticks (`````) to format your code, more people would format their code properly, which would be much nicer to everyone.

  • Yes, I want the forums to show new users how to format code
  • No, I don’t want the forums to show new users how to format code
  • I don’t care if the forums show new users how to format code

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It would be nice if something would take care of this problem. Here is some reading about others who have grappled with this problem. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep trying, but it’s not very promising. :smile:

Good point - Maybe we should see if his suggestion works, though?

More and more, I’m thinking we need to put the formatting help – for new users only – directly in their line of sight. That is, pre-populate the question entry area with some example formatting that is typical of the average question.

Also why is there a difference between the </> version and the three backticks

``` code ```

Or in other words why does the regular </> does not support syntax highlighting?

From reading over on Discourse Meta:

  • </> is for generic “preformatted text”

  • The backticks are specifically to include syntax highlighting


Wow what an intelligent idea. It’ll make it way easier for people who help out others if their code is organized, Besides its good practice since if they actually want to have an IT job it’s a must to have their code organized in order for you to enter their job.

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It would be great if there is a symbol in the editor for code that supports syntax highlighting

A symbol for the three backticks would be nice and helpful for new users :slight_smile: