[SUGGESTION] Sandbox mode


It would be awesom to have for each language a mode for free coding, so that we don't need to use external programs like Notepad++


Haha @blogpro32065 your in luck!

First of all there is The Best Online IDE Out there no doubt called Cloud9... https://c9.io

The IDE Also has a discourse fourm like this for people who are new and struggling to get thier enviorment set up, but its preety easy i guarantee you:

Second of all Codecademy has thier own Codebit.. But there Codebit for me at least is useless, as it just has a HTML,CSS,JS page. Only one of each.. Ill much like Cloud9 For Development but here is the url To Codecademy Codebit:


###Play and Experiment with Code

Codecademy Labs is a place for you to program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE. Share your programs with friends and use your knowledge from Codecademy lessons!

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