Suggestion on an alternate way of "Getting Code" in lessons/exercises

When stuck on a lesson/exercise and you’re unable to progress, instead of “Get Code” providing the answer and submitting the answer, it would be better from a learning perspective if the answer was provided in a pop-up box, but still requiring you to go back and change your mistake before advancing to the next lesson/exercise. I think this would better help reinforce what you are trying to learn.

What is stopping you to study the code you got, then reset the exercise and try again? Which is very similar to what you suggest. You (and everyone else of course) is very welcome to come to the forum and we happily help and explain things :slight_smile:

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Hi stetim94,

That’s an option too. I figured it was something simple that could help
reinforce what you’re learning as you’re doing it. No need to consider it
further. Just a suggestion.