Suggestion - make syllabus more navigatable


Maybe there’s a more appropriate place for this, apologies if I missed it. Just some user feedback on the codeacademy syllabus navigator.

While doing some of the coding challenges, I found myself having to refer back to the syllabus tasks in order to refresh myself on the syntax and nature of particular functions.

The syllabus navigator does not display the specific lesson on a given function or concept, so it requires opening a broader topic (eg. “Working with Lists in Python”) and then clicking the back button to slowly step through to the relevant concept (eg. " Counting in a List"). This is a pretty awkward and at times frustrating way to quickly review a concept in a practical manner.

While I also refer to the Python documentation page, I find the lessons themselves are often a better review resource that could act as a more interactive form of documentation if they could be made easier to navigate.

Otherwise I’m finding codeacademy fun and informative :slight_smile:

A thought that occurred to me after posting: linking to the lessons from the documentation page itself would be super useful and a simple way to leverage the value of the lessons as a review resource!

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It would be useful also to have a button that opens and closes a whole section. It becomes quite burdensome to open every topic within 1 section when sometimes it is comprised of a lot of subjects. Quite trivial i know.

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This is a great suggestion, I have also had to go back and review the syntax for a language many times when I need a refresher or haven’t quite gotten the concept down and need to practice it again and again to understand what it is that a piece of code or a command is doing

It can be a small headache to have to find the lesson, and when I do find the lesson and it’s already completed, it takes me all the way to the last part of the lesson instead of the beginning

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ve passed it along to the team.

In the meantime, you may benefit from looking at the course’s cheatsheet. It’s a good way to see topics covered in lessons and each review card usually shows a code example.

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