[Suggestion] Implement Dark Mode for Codecademy

Suggest that Codecademy should implement a Dark Mode feature for their documentation platform. Here are some reasons why this would be beneficial:

  1. Reduced Eye Strain: Reading technical documentation and code for extended periods can cause eye strain. Dark mode, with its dark background and light text, can reduce eye fatigue and make it more comfortable for users to read and learn.

  2. User Preferences: Many users prefer dark mode for its aesthetics and reduced glare, especially when working in low-light environments. Providing this option allows users to customize their learning experience.

  3. Enhanced Accessibility: Dark mode can improve accessibility for users with visual impairments by offering a high-contrast reading option.

  4. Trend and User Demand: Dark mode has become a popular trend in web design and is now an expected feature on many websites and applications. Many users actively seek out platforms that offer this feature.

It’s been suggested several times.


In the meantime, perhaps this (suggestion of a Chrome extension) will help:



do you have any work around for safari ?

Thank you

Maybe try Night Eye or Dark Reader(?). (I haven’t tried them. I do have dark mode enabled on my computer in general).

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Hello! I think this would be a great idea, but like @lisalisaj said, this idea has already been suggested several times. Here are the previous (and most popular) requests:

(for more examples, see Search results for 'dark mode' - Codecademy Forums (thanks @lisalisaj!)

Like @lisalisaj said previously, there are multiple workarounds for this, so try extensions or programs to see if they can help. Honeslty, i do think Codecademy would be better if you could toggle light themes on and off without any additional software.

Peace out! :dove:

We need dark mode for all pages, like this one.

There is a dark mode for the forums.
Go to your profile> preferences>interface. Then choose the theme you want.

Using the Dark Reader extension on Firefox, the bracket highlights are almost identical in colour to the cursor, unfortunately, which is… super annoying.

+1 for implementing a Dark Mode, or at least some sort of ‘Prefers Dark Mode’ CSS for the elements that are nearly invisible with the suggested workaround. Thanks!

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