Suggestion for more intensive schools?

Hi everyone,
I have a really important question: after working 13 years in the oil and gas, I want to switch my career to tech, and to start working remotely.

I am not new to programming, but everytime I apply to a job they reject me because – even the junior position – need to have at least 1-3 years of experience and tons of knowledge of many things, even though I have a nice portfolio built off CC courses. I think most of us are here for the same purpose and are facing the same issues. :frowning:

So I feel I need more, for both my personal knowledge also to have more appeal on companies

I am considering the following options:

  1. take some online courses at Stanford university (seems the best but also the most expensive). I looked also Harvard, but they are based on EdX and I don’t like that platform too much

  2. take an entire online BSc at the International University of Applied Science (I read some reviews, it seems the most reliable university that offer an online bachelor, but does not convince me 100%)

  3. I considered also Lambda school, but being in Italy, their time schedules are too difficult.

So my questions:

  1. is the above really needed to land a job in tech? I know the answer is no, but I think that a full program like a BSc could give me more knowledge than just programming, and make me more fit for companies

  2. as an alternative, does anyone know an equivalent of Lambda school in europe

Thank you!




This may not be what you’re looking for but it could be a nice in-between place to expand your network. It’s called the Recurse Center (based in NY) and is doing remote for now

It’s come highly recommended to me by people in the field.


Thank you! Very kind of you