Suggestion for course descriptions and syllabi on Codecademy,

So… when getting into a course on here, not a bad idea if you put suggested prerequisite courses in the course descriptions, and in the syllabus. For example: put HTML and or CSS into the recommended prereqs for web scraping with BeautifulSoup course. It could really help, that way you don’t get half way through it and get lost, so that the person taking the course has a basic understanding of what they are doing with things like tags, and other HTML specific topics, that are not really covered in the course.

Not for nothing, but there are two prerequisites listed for the web scraping course: Python 3 and Learn Data Analysis with Pandas. There is also a lengthy description of what web scraping is–which discusses HTML & XML files. I think(?) it’s implied that one must have a basic understanding of how those docs are structured.

The BeautifulSoup documentation has several examples that include the structure of an HTML doc:

And an investigation of the DOM is useful here as well.