Suggestion for Analyze Data with Python course

There are some really helpful articles in the DS Path, section 12, “Communicating Data Science Findings” that I think would be equally helpful in the Analyze Data with Python Course. You could add them right before the Capstone Projects portion. It would help learners understand how to effectively present their findings to their audience.
In addition to being many other things, Data analysts and data scientists are storytellers who are giving a voice to the data…trying to explain to whoever the audience is–why they should care.

Thanks for posting this @lisalisaj. I’ve sent it over to the data science team lead – let’s see what they say :slight_smile:

Edit: They said, “the update to Analyze Data with Python skill path is a great idea.”

…Looks like we’ll be implementing your suggestion! Thanks again @lisalisaj :hugs:

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Oh, cool! Thank you!
I think that even one article, or all three would be SO helpful to learners on that course.


WOW!! Yay!!! :partying_face:
(That was fast!)

Thanks SO much! :smiley: