Suggestion/Feedback on Python Unit 4, Lesson 2, Transportation(7): Springing Augmented assignment statements on us: WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

In 4.2.7 “Transportation”, this codeblock is used as an example, above the instructions, on the left:

def finish_game(score):
tickets = 10 * score
if score >= 10:
tickets += 50
elif score >= 7:
tickets += 20
return tickets

The issue I had with this is that it contains an Augmented assignment statement (+=) and we have not been introduced to the concept of Augmented assignment statements yet. While clear (enough, I suppose) that this new “thing-what-looks-similar-to-a-comparator-but-isn’t” apparently does the job, it isn’t intuitive, and since it’s so very useful, I think Augmented assignment statements should be covered in an earlier tutorial.

That is all. =)