Suggestion: Estimated date to complete a course based on activity

While working on career path courses that spans through months, its sometimes hard to find motivation to power through. Most of the platforms such as Courseera have widgets that let us know by when the course would be completed but it does not use the users data to estimate the date of completion but uses the goals that we set on the number of days we would ideally work and uses that data to estimate the date of completion.
When we get to see the date of completion based on our activity, it would either motivate us to complete more or give us a sense of validation that we’re actually putting in the hours.
The date of completion widget would be really useful even if its not being implemented based on users data and just on the goals that they set for themselves.

That’s a great idea! Having a more personalized estimate for the date of completion based on users’ activity would indeed provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment. It can be a powerful tool to help learners stay engaged and on track with their courses.

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