Suggestion: Course Wishlist 💫

There’s a few courses I want to do in the future but for now I’m just memorising which courses I’m aiming to do.

If the user could add/remove a course to a wishlist it’d be super helpful when browsing what you want to try next.

You could even split the wishlist page/view into two sections:
Wishlist Courses
Completed Courses

Would anyone else find this useful?

Absolutely support this, would be extremely useful if you forget the name of the course. It would honestly make the site better.

I don’t know what plan you’re using, whether it’s a free or a paid plan, but i think of some limitations. For example, the course wishlist being only available on a paid plan, but i think it would still be amazing if it gets added onto the free plan because it makes it more accessible (as someone who is using the free plan themselves).

Great suggestion @katherinelb !

I would suggest an embedded programming course. (C/C++ or even micro Python). Some free tools can simulate microcontroller like

It would be great to add automation testing, maybe start with API automation frameworks? This course could include introduction to APIs, test levels, framework architecture, basic test writing, executing tests and reporting of tests.

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