Suggestion: Add a note section to my paths for goals


Under the My Home section I think it would be great if you added a 40 character free form editable text box called ‘Notes, Goals and Comments’ for each career path or course where people could add motivations and reasons why they want to study a particular course or career path. This might help strengthen their resolve and help build motivation.

Also, I think that people should be able to manually order the box placement displaying each Career Paths and Courses into whatever order they like, but still separated as Career Paths and Course. An ascending/descending sort button based on course completion could override the ordering

You can edit the courses by selecting the “Edit” button and unenrolling from the courses on your home page. (that doesn’t affect the course progress).

I know but that isn’t what I’m getting at.
Right now courses are ordered by % completion.
I’d like an option to manually order them by dragging but keep the % complete functionality.
And add notes.
All of these things are common for other sites (trading sites).

Also adding a Last Course Completed highlighted box would be great.

The idea is that I might want to take a break and study a different course but still want to keep track of everything.

Keeping organized is important.

Right now I have three data science tracks I’m interested in: Machine Learning, Business Analytics and Inference.
My main interest is machine learning but I’d also like to go over portions of the BA and Inference side for my own learning. However study needs to be organized so also listing the courses completed for each Career Path would be great for organization.

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Also keep in mind a lot of that course content overlaps, so if completed in one course/path, it’s marked as complete in another course.

True. It would be good to be able to minimize duplicates.