Suggested language to start with based on my need?

I’m building a business that will communicates information to retailers from vendors. At present one vendor will send a excel file, another a pdf, another a powerpoint and/or an email etc. As a retailer we then take the “data” and reformat it. It would be idea if it all came into one place and was consistently formatted. In looking for ways to do this, I came across Air Table, but it’s meant to work internally not between X different companies all with select permissions.

Trying to figure out one language should I learn/write the site in? It for sure needs to be browser friendly, and make calls to a database. Happy to go into more detail if needed. From my limited reading, Angular or PHP seem to be the way to go?

@b-dub84 Welcome to the forums! PHP may be good. If you want a purely database oriented language, try SQL. Or if you wanted to have more functionality, you could try learning Python and the Pandas library. If you wanted something based on website-building, then maybe try JavaScript, but I am not sure if it would meet your needs.

Hi @b-dub84 and welcome to the forums.

I think you could probably do most, if not all, of what you’re looking to do by just using JavaScript.

JS has frameworks for both the front-end (think Angular, React or Vue) and the back-end (Express or Node) so you’d likely be able to do the whole thing with a single language.

You would likely also need to learn some HTML/CSS to build the front-end as well.

Hi All,

Thanks for the initial feedback. I should add in that.

1 - I’ll need to have the ability to import csv files into the system, and have it write into the database.
2 - Based on the data, the system would be able to create a page. Example, It creates a product SKU with features and benefits etc is someone needed to print it off.

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Including those new requirements, I still think you can do everything with some combo of JS frameworks…