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I'm still getting a Syntax error: unexpected token. Can someone help out?

var getToDaChoppa = function() {
    var TheTrill = false; 
 do { 
     console.log ("We at 'Da choppa since we 'Da realest!")
     while (TheTrill === true) {
         console.log ("Get to Da Choppa!") // Write your do/while loop here!



You need to call your function with parens after like this:



1-Keep it to "true" Like this:


After consoling change the value of boolean to false like this :

do { 
     console.log ("We at 'Da choppa since we 'Da realest!")
     TheTrill = false;

3-Now write
while(TheTrill === true)

DOnt do anything on it and it will work fine


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