Sudoku Project Question


For the sudoku project: Computer Science Independent Project #4 – Sudoku

How am I supposed to create an interface? This project is recommended after completing the Computer Science course, but nowhere in the course do you learn how to work with and create interfaces…(the board design). I know how to create the code but not how to display it.


Hi there.

The project in question asks you to create a console application, so there’s no interface in the sense of a GUI with buttons etc. It’s all command and text based, through the terminal.


Ok when I looked at @picmansmodel code for the project I am left wondering how do I learn to be on that level. Any tips? A lot of Tkinter is used and I am wondering what the best way to learn it is. Why is there no tkinter in codeacademy?

The code is here:


Time, effort, and practice. Same as anything else. :slight_smile:

I’d say the best way to learn how to use TKinter would be to use it. There’s an intro to it on Real Python, here, if you are interested.

It’s rather beyond the scope of an “intro to the basics”, which is what the Python material is. It’s potentially difficult enough getting complete beginners used to foundational concepts like functions and loops without throwing a lot of - frankly unnecessary - GUI fiddling into the mix.

As a result, TK(inter) is very much an “extra-curricular” topic. :slight_smile:

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thank you dev6112515278.
The GUI itself is only a personal challenge for me. I finished the science path and i did a a small QR code generator application with python and tkinter , that´s why I was going to use it for the sudoku project as well. The Sudoku itself is cool but it turns out that the interface itself is the real challenge.

I also need to note that I prefer developing games and GUIs with Unity and not with python and tkinter.
But if you are interested in learning more about GUIs, this you tube channel help me a lot.

pitycoder is also correct by saying it takes time and in the beginning you need to learn how to fail faster.