Sudo/root password for command line simulation



This does not directly apply to the lesson, but while I was bouncing around in the command windows I tried to do sudo shutdown -r now, and it asked for a password for ccuser. Is this publicly available, or is the ccuser, im guessing CodeaCademy user, not possible to get (is admin or there is none)

Basically I am trying to say if there is a way to get root access in this.


the command line taught in this course, is not the command prompt for windows, it is for unix and unix based operating system

It is not possible to get root access in the lessons, this would be a security hole, there is no way you can get root access (unless you find a bug similar to shell shock), it is all good regulated with permissions and sandboxes


@stetim94 Ok thanks now I understand this!
Is there a forum post on shell shock I have no idea what that is
Also is there an exact OS Specified for this command line, Debian, Ubuntu, what distro?


No, no forum post on shellshock, there is however a wikipedia page

No, this is bash. Which runs default in many linux flavors, and other unix based operating systems, there is also zsh and more.

I have arch linux, which also uses bash.


I have arch linux too! (side note whatever) on my raspberry pi
And yes, I know this is bash now, and that the windows command prompt is different from the unix bash. Now (last question sorry) I want to know how you integrated a command prompt on an online web browser page, as I am on windows 10 and this works. of course this does not affect my PC, it is just a virtual sim, but how can I re-implement this without using things like VMware or virtualbox (downloadable contect)

basically is there other websites where you can freely use bash as a virtual sim?