Successfully finished Python course . Any ideas what to do next?

Hey guys !! I completed the Python course . I’m kinda confused where to start now . Drop in your recommendations please . Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Supri, did you read this? Might be helpful!

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Well, I’m a bit biased. :slight_smile:
Perhaps look into the Data Science path. (?)

But also, keep practicing your new skills so you don’t get rusty.


Learning python is just the first step of an ladder having infinite endings.
Python has a lot to learn, it’s on you to decide what you want to go with.
If you want to build games, you may search out and learn python modules like pygame, turtle, etc.
If you want to build apps with python you may wanna learn Kivy, another python library.
If you want to learn web scraping or other back end processes of websites you may wanna learn modules and libraries like beautiful soup, requests, etc.
Want to get into hacking, learn modules like socket, scapy, hacking (it’s actually a module name), subprocess, os, sys, etc.
Or you might want to start with data science (check out the codecademy career path it’s really great.)
One other possibility is Computer Science. (AI is hot topic nowadays)

But all ends up on researching. You need to know about your interests, search modules required to make things which match up with your interests, start learning them and create some cool projects.

BEST OF LUCK :grinning: :v:


Thank you I’ll do my research :slight_smile:


You should definitely try out something if that interests you. But remember, it’s fine if you don’t like it after you start. Just leave that in your past and start something brand new!
Best wishes with you my friend!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I love your energy armaan! This is the passion I need with coding! I’m starting to wrap my mind around some concepts, enabling me to implement some newly learned code soon! My pro subscription here has ended for now, but I am going to take a Networking Engineering course in the meantime until I can get paid access again!


Thanks dude.
I hope you achieve what you want and become a successful programmer.