Subscription for Pro Intense

Hey everyone ,

I would like to thank all people of the codeacademy team for creating this plattform! Out of many others codeacademy seems to be the outstanding website, in terms of learning at a healthy pace.

Based on this fact I decided to go ‘Pro Intense’ and subscribe with the monthly plan.

As I am from Germany things might get handled differently for me, than for a US citizen. In an attempt to type in my bank account information in spite of my intention to only pay with paypal, both buttons the ‘‘Credit/Debit’’ button and the ‘‘Paypal’’ button seem to be disabled right after clicking on them once!

I am sure that this is just a dumb mistake on my side and probably not worth for a discussion in the community, but I would be immensely pleased, if this submitted question is answered regardless.

With the best regards and wishes…


i would check this page:

i see How does Codecademy handle payments outside of the US? on there as question. Contact support, the forum is for helping with coding problems in general